Andy’s Gear List

Italics indicate gear added since the beginning of the trip. Strikethrough indicates gear ditched.

Bike and Things Attached to the Bike (loaded weight: 57kg/126lbs):

1 Surly Long Haul Trucker (cappuccino) in factory configuration except for:

  • 1 Shimano Deore crank
  • 1 Chris King NoThreadSet headset
  • 2 Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires
  • 2 Shimano PD-A530 pedals
  • 1 Brooks B17 Standard saddle
  • 1 Brooks B17 Imperial saddle

1 Jandd Extreme front rack
1 Tubus Logo rear rack
1 Cateye EL530 front light
1 shanzhai Chinese front light (brighter and cheaper!)
1 Cateye LD1100 back light
1 Cateye EL135 front light
1 adjustable Topeak water bottle holder
1 1.5 L Topeak water bottle holder
1 Schwalbe Marathon XR foldable backup tire
1 Zefel front fender
1 Zefel rear fender
2 spare spokes

Packs and Cases:

2 black Ortlieb Sport Packer bags
2 black Ortlieb Bike Packer Classic bags
1 Ortlieb Bike Shuttle camera case with bike rack and backpack adapters (see explanation here)
1 Vaud front bag
1 Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Classic (large) handlebar bag with camera inserts


1 Canon EOS 40D body
1 Canon EOS 7D body
1 Canon Powershot D10

1 Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 L lens
1 Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L lens
1 Canon EF 70-200mm IS f/2.8 L
1 Canon Speedlite 580EX II flash
1 Canon Speedlite 430EX II flash
1 Canon RS-80N3 camera remote
1 hot shoe cable
2 on-flash diffusers
1 Sandisk Extreme III 8GB card
1 Sandisk Extreme III 16GB card
1 Kingston 16GB card
1 3 battery chargers
1 Sandisk USB card reader


1 pair Pearl Izumi biking gloves
2 pair Pearl Izumi bike shorts
1 helmet
2 short-sleeve bike jerseys
1 long-sleeve bike jersey
2 synthetic short-sleeve shirts
1 synthetic long-sleeve shirt
1 Smart Wool long-sleeve shirt
2 pair zip-off pants
2 pair boxers
3 pair Smart Wool socks
1 waterproof jacket
1 pair waterproof pants (sent back to Shanghai after winter ended)
1 pair Merrel hiking shoes
1 pair Pearl Izumi bike shoes
1 Buff
1 waterproof helmet cover
1 pair insulated, waterproof gloves (sent back to Shanghai after winter)
1 North Face fleece pullover
1 pair long, spandex pants
1 wool hat
1 pair waterproof shoe covers
1 pair long underwear
1 pair Gortex socks

Other Gear:

1 Mountain Hard Wear Helion 2 tent
1 North Face Cat’s Meow sleeping bag
1 Thermarest Trail Lite sleeping pad
1 Sunlinq 12-watt Foldable Solar Panel
1 Radioshack 75W inverter
1 Kodak battery charger

12 AA rechargeable batteries
1 silk sleeping bag liner
1 multitool (broken)
1 bike tool
1 harmonica

1 backup tube
1 pair of Native sunglasses
1 camping stove
1 camping pot
1 gas canister

1 first aid kit
1 REI camping towel
1 notebook
1 sleeping pad patch kit
1 length of twine
1 roll of duct tape
20 ear plugs
1 bottle sunscreen
1 Camelback Lobo 100-oz backpack
1 Quechua 1L metal water bottle
1 inflatable pillow
1 8GB iPhone + charger
1 160GB iPod Classic
2 tire levers

1 Brooks saddle tightener
4 adjustable straps
1 1GB USB stick
5 dental floss
1 toothbrush
1 toothpaste
1 dust blower-offer squeezy thing for camera cleaning
4 lip balm tubes
1 Kryptonite cable
1 Kryptonite U-lock

1 5L dry sack for sleeping mat
1 13L dry sack for sleeping bag
2 20L dry sacks for sleeping bag and tent
800 USA-China Friendship Bicycling Team cards (damaged when contact solution exploded)
1 nail clippers
1 deck playing cards

1 500GB 2.5-inch hard drive

Evan’s Gear List

Bike (loaded weight: 60kg/132lbs)

1 Surly Long Haul Trucker 58cm (green)
2 Planet Bike Fenders
1 Brooks B17 leather saddle

1 Shimano crank with 22 tooth front chainring
1 Selle An-atomica saddle (red)
1 Surly front rack
1 Surly rear rack
1 Double kickstand
2 Shimano clipless pedals
1 Topeak pump
1 Topeak huge drink rack (can carry 1.5 liter Chinese water bottles)
1 Chinese cheap little drink rack
2 Schwalbe Marathon XR 700x40mm tires front and rear
2 Schwalbe Marathon Plus 700x38mm tires front and rear
1 Topeak super bright headlight (attached to front rack with use of electrical tape)
1 Chinese made super bright (really really bright) rechargeable headlight
1 Cateye headlight (attached to front rack with use of electrical tape)
1 Topeak small rear light

Panniers & Cases

2 Ortlieb Bike Packer classic (red)
2 Ortlieb Sport Packer classic (red)
1 Ortlieb Handlebar Bag (red)
1 Pelican Hardcase for computer
1 Jandd Tool bag
1 Sea to Summit waterproof sack for sleeping bag
1 Sea to Summit waterproof sack for tent and sleeping mat

Accessories not in bags

1 Camelbak 1.5 liter (blue)
1 Trek helmet (white)
1 pair Motache bike gloves (red)
1 pair Essen bike gloves (red)
1 Kryptonite U-lock
1 Quechua 1 liter metal water bottle (red) [lost]

1 Quechua 1.5 liter metal water bottle (red)
1 Tifosi sunglasses with 2 alternate lens inserts
2 4 REI strap for clamping stuff down
2 Short bungee (black)
1 Long bungee (blue) for holding pelican case to front rack

Camping, etc.

1 MSR Hubba Hubba tent
1 Square of Polypropylene as tarp
1 Tough footprint bought at Sanfo
1 Thermarest TrailPro sleeping pad
1 Mountain Hardware synthetic sleeping bag good to 35°F
1 Cocoon Coolmax Sleeping bag liner
1 Pacific Equipment Inflatable Pillow
1 Therma-rest large camp pillow

1 Cheap Chinese inflatable pillow
1 Butane Gas Canister
1 MSR Miniworks EX water filter
1 Can opener (bought in San Fran to open a beer, but made final cut) [used only once, few cans in China]

Tools, etc.

1 Leatherman Blast
1 TriFlow Lubricant
1 Spoke wrench I bought in NOLA a year ago
3 Electrical tape
1 Sunlite Allen wrench tool
4 Park tool tire levers
1 Long bungee just in case
1 Prolink Chain Lube
1 Wet Ride Oil
1 Schwalbe Marathon Supreme Folding 700x40cm backup tire
4 B’Twin spare tubes (Shrader valve)
1 Cheng Shin spare tube (Shrader valve)
1 Shimano spare chain
1 B’twin chain tool [never buy from Decathlon]
4 B’Twin spare brake pads x4 pairs
2 Shimano spare brake pads
3 Jagwire brake pads
1 Brooks Proofide leather treatment wax + rag


1 Macbook Pro 15” for all computing needs
1 Canon IXUS 970IS Digital Camera with 16G memory card plus charger and battery
1 Panasonic Lumix LX3 Digital Camera with 16G SD card, charger, and battery
1 Case for camera to go around shoulder
1 Radio Shack USB hub (4 slots)
1 Bluetooth Keyboard
1 HP Handheld Computer
4 Duracell AA Batteries
8 Duracell AAA Batteries
1 Lenovo digital recorder (good for 1000+ hours, for recording a captain’s log) [never used once]
1 USB cables for everything


1 Buff (red)
1 Fake Chinese buff
1 pair Salomon hiking boots given by Andy (old)
1 Cheap flip flops bought at spring in Taiwan
1 pair Blue biking shoes (brand unknown – bought in Shanghai a year ago)
1 pair Specialized bike shoes bought in Shanghai after blue shoes ate it
1 Poncho (red, big, bought in China, God help me on quality)
1 Yellow biking jacket
4 boxer briefs
1 Quick Dry Underwear
2 Other underwear

1 Gray composite long sleeve shirt
1 Green synthetic REI long sleeve shirt
1 Blue long sleeve Under Armor shirt
1 Specialized Bike Jersey (probably fake, red)
1 Pearl Izumi “le grimpeur” bike jersey (probably fake, red polka dots)
1 2 Pearl Izumi Bike shorts (real and really expensive)
1 Nike Bike shorts (old and a little tight)
1 Royal Robbins khaki zip-off synthetic pants/shorts
1 Waterproof black pants bought at Sanfo Shanghai
1 Adidas windbreaker (bought in high school, blue)
1 Novara rain jacket (given by Andy)
1 Jockey long underwear
1 Columbia pants (gray)
1 Black gloves bought at silk market 2 years ago
1 Synthetic scarf (green)

1 Quechua gloves from Decathlon in Shanghai
1 Ski hat
1 Gorgonz Ear Warmers
1 North Face jacket (blue, donated by Andy, probably fake)
2 pairs Smartwool long socks
2 pairs Smartwool short bike socks
2 pairs New Balance synthetic socks
2 pairs Nike synthetic socks

Toiletries & Medicine, etc.

Painkillers left over from knee surgery
2 Zyrtec (because I hate allergies)
2 Rhinocort (see above)
1 Old asthma inhaler (because you never know)
1 Toothbrush
Little Toothpaste samples x several
Floss (will be a miracle if it sees use)

Books, etc.

1 Collection of maps of Chinese provinces
1 Little black notebook  + 1 insert for it
1 Zhuangzi from Taiwan
1 Cultures and Philosophies of the East and West by Liang Shuming
1 Instant Harmonica by Patrick Byrne

1 Pocket US Constitution and Declaration of Independence
1 Pocket Chinese Communist Party Constitution (for comparison’s sake)
1 Passport (just cuz)
1 Pen


1 Ipod Touch 8 GB for reading books + charger
1 Ipod headphones

1 Tripod for Andy’s camera
1 Gorilla Pod for my camera
1 Boy Scout Compass
1 Rummikub
2 Racquet balls
1 Coppertone sunscreen
1 Hohner Special C Harmonica (with no skills to accompany)
1 Eagle Creek Eye mask
1 Reuters quick drying towel (given to Andy at Ogilvy, regifted to me)
1 Ankle brace left over from my California injury
1 Metal tea thermos for making tea on the road
1 Box of Glad plastic bags

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