We at Portrait of an LBX would like to thank all those who support us, but specifically the following:

  • To Janice Villarrubia and Bill Villarrubia, for the continued support of their son and his eccentric endeavors
  • To Annie Haines and Dave Keller, for the same
  • To Devi Bengfort for being incredibly supportive of her boyfriend’s extended absence
  • To Ben Bengfort, for his contributions of time and server to our cause
  • To Cathy and Muzi Li, for putting up with Andy and Evan for a long time before they hit the road
  • To Louis, Mike, and Amir, for their off-site support of our logging
  • To Tyler Mixter and Aaron Simms, for taking care of Evan’s stuff for a year and especially to Aaron for hosting the team for two whole weeks in Shanghai
  • To Justin Knapp, for great personal inconvenience caused by helping out Andy and Evan and storing Andy’s stuff

And thanks to the following financial contributors:

  • The Wing family
  • The Bengfort family
  • The Shaper family
  • Les Ruby
  • Shuang Hu
  • Keith Hassler
  • Ellen Darby
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